Are Promotional Products Effective at Helping You Market Your Startup?

The idea of giving away promotional products is not new. In fact, it was used as far back as the earliest trading practices, when sellers would offer test samples of their goods and services. Even before this, they gave out prime meat or food to their rivals to get their opinion. Later, as political campaigns grew in popularity, sellers shifted their strategies and started giving commemorative buttons to George Washington’s supporters before elections. By the nineteenth century, there were many examples of promotional products, including wooden objects, calendars, aprons, horse hats, and printed rulers.

In addition to their value as a marketing tool, promotional products have many advantages. A customized $1 pen costs a fraction of the cost of bulk items, and the cost per impression is very low – less than a penny – compared to $3-$10 for online advertising. In addition to being cost-effective, promotional products can build brand recognition and brand awareness for months and even years. The average return on investment for promotional products is three to five times greater than for print advertising or email marketing.

Brand recognition – While many people will not take note of the benefits of a promotional product, it can improve the credibility of your company. Research has shown that 57% of the U.S. workforce prefers companies that invest in quality corporate gifts. In fact, a 2018 PPAI consumer study found that employees are more likely to stay with a company if they believe they have something in common with them. This means that giving out these gifts is an excellent strategy for increasing brand recognition.

Relevance – When selecting the promotional items you give away, make sure that the item offers practical value to customers. It should relate to your industry or sector. For example, a business professional might be more likely to use a pen than a branded candy stand. This is an important part of creating a strong impression. In addition to the functionality of a promotional product, the age, gender, and even family status can have a bearing on the value of the product.

Usefulness – The best way to reach the masses is by using a variety of different types of promotional products. Pens are an excellent choice for promotional items because they are used every day. Other common promotional items include sunglasses, drinkware, and tote bags. These are practical items because they can serve as storage for other promotional items, such as pens. In addition to pens, many companies have begun to incorporate green-friendly items into their campaigns.

Relevance – While business cards and other standard items are useful, branded goods add a creative flair to advertising campaigns. Whether you’re promoting a new product or an event, promotional products help you build brand awareness and encourage people to act. These branded items should be memorable and make people remember you and your business. However, these products are not for everyone. Consider your budget and audience when selecting your promotional items. You’ll be surprised by how much better they increase your sales.

Impression Capture – Despite the fact that promotional items have limited shelf life, these items last longer than their equivalent in conventional advertising. Consumers who use these branded items will be your brand’s ambassadors. Besides, most consumers will save the items for about six months before passing them on. And this means branded merchandise is 66% cheaper per impression than conventional advertising. That’s a great deal when compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Impression Capture – Promotional items leave a lasting impression on consumers. Research shows that 89% of consumers will remember a brand’s name 24 months after they receive it. Even if these items have no impact on the company’s bottom line, they will help build brand recognition and loyalty. The results are unbeatable. It is easy to see why promotional products are such a powerful marketing tool for businesses. So, don’t wait to start your next marketing campaign!

Brand Awareness – A good way to generate more awareness about your brand is to give away free promotional products. Give away free products as a way to encourage new customers to sign up for your mailing list. Giveaway items can also help you build your social media following. You can even hold competition-style giveaways to give away promotional products. And, of course, you can always use promotional products as a sales tool. Just be sure that they are in tune with your target market.